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Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications book

Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications book

Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications by Elizabeth Kutter, Alexander Sulakvelidze

Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications

Download Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications

Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications Elizabeth Kutter, Alexander Sulakvelidze ebook
ISBN: 0849313368, 9780849313363
Format: pdf
Page: 527
Publisher: CRC Press

This biotool could have multiple scientific applications in the field of molecular biology and biotechnology, through transient protein expression, or in the biomedical field, with applications in gene therapy, among others. Mar 11, 2014 - The biological control, by bacteriophages, in raw animal by-products has not been studied. €We envision BAM influencing the prevention and treatment of mucosal infections seen in the gut and lungs, having applications for phage therapy and even directly interacting with the human immune system. Oct 24, 2013 - Bacteriophage biology and application. Posted on October 24, 2013 by jgill. Oct 10, 2008 - The clinical applications of small therapeutic RNAs including siRNA and ribozyme have been hindered by the lack of an efficient and safe delivery system that targets specific cells. The TPs of viruses (not only present in as a potential tool in biology. Chairman Mao Invented Traditional Chinese Medicine. Bacteria for quick detection, with the ability to detect only a few bacteria. Dec 19, 2012 - Bacteriophages are unusual because they infect bacteria and therefore have long served as a model in molecular biology for the study of gene transfer between different organisms. Based on Lu's graduate school research at MIT, the assay uses biological particles called bacteriophages, or phages, which only target bacteria. Jan 2, 2014 - Amongst the wide array of microbes that are able to cause mastitis, Staphylococcus aureus subsp. About phage · Research · Blog · Publications · Staff. Nov 15, 1997 - However, there was generally little interaction between those who were so effectively using phage as tools to understand molecular biology and those still working on phage ecology and therapeutic applications. Aureus remains the major causal agent. Bacteriophages were discovered in 1915 and have been used for controlling human pathogens for many years. Although several factors affect the effectiveness of phage treatment (temperature, humidity, phage attachment to bacterial cells) the application to raw meat to control spoilage microorganisms and extend shelf life of meat products has been reported to be successful. May 20, 2013 - Mucus may be slimy and gross, but a San Diego State University research team, led by Jeremy Barr, a biology post-doctoral fellow, has discovered that it is also home to a powerful immune system that could change the way doctors treat a number of diseases.

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